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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Model: Evelyn Vaigalu
Saturday 30th of May 2015 will go down as one of my favourite days of the year so far!
I was honoured to be asked to help the beautiful Clementine (Designs) with hair & makeup for my good friends Janice & Rika's fashion label: Salt & Light Threads
It was the filming of their street wear look book and I was soo thrilled that I got to tag along.

The day started very early and anyone who knows me knows I'm not a morning person lol 
This morning, however, I was up and ready, tummy full of butterflies and excited for the day ahead!

I got the fun & easy jobs of the day: Applying foundation, touching up lip gloss & straightening hair... but for real though why was I nervous the night before like I was asked to be head makeup artist on the day? hahahaha The anxiety was REEEAL people haha!

The day was so much fun, I had such a blast!!!

Being as it was 6am and pretty much the entire apartment complex were still asleep... we were given the strict rule of being quiet until about 10am! OK... that was probably the challenge of the day for Tye (Clementine) and I who had just been laughing so loudly like it wasn't 5am driving to the set haha One of our beautiful models 'Miss Face of Beauty Samoa' Evelyn Vaigalu didn't help either because she was just as loud and crazy as us! haha It made for such a funny morning and most likely gave poor JanJan a headache from telling us so many times to be quiet! haha! 

I cant pick a highlight of the day.. There were so many awesome moments for me but here are just a few...

I loved meeting all the beautiful guys and girls at the shoot...
I loved watching JanJan's creations come to life through the amazing model's... (Shout out to the babes from Ethnic Models!)
I was in awe watching Clementine beautify everyone with her gift of makeup artistry...
I loved watching Rika support his wife and play different roles to ensure the day ran smoothly...
I LOOOOOVED the outfits... Janice really recreated that NYC vibe here in Sydney!
I especially love what Salt & Light Threads stand for and are all about (you have to check out their website)

I legit could go on and on but seriously I just loved it all and couldn't stop thanking God for opening a window and letting me experience all that happened that day! Photo shoots are no joke though people... The preparation that goes into it is next level. Everyone has a role to play in making the day a success and it really comes down to having a solid team who are all aiming to achieve the same goal!

I have always loved makeup and have dreamed of learning and doing it as a full time job but never ever thought it would be realistic especially whilst still living in Wellington, New Zealand! Moving to Sydney however has reawakened that dream for me. This felt like a sneak peek at what could be if I apply myself and work really really hard at practising and perfecting the craft! This is why the day meant so much to me and why I cried when I was asked to help out! haha I know the feeling of thinking your dream isn't attainable (trust me Ive had those self doubts for years) but when something is continuously put on your heart to do... It really is a sign to put your fear aside and really go after that dream!

I'm so thankful to Clementine for showing me technique's and for allowing me to hover over her so I could watch the master at work and especially thankful to JanJan the founder and creator of Salt & Light Threads for making my dream come true without even realising it! This day was too legit to quit y'all! I love love loved it!

My husband and I are so lucky to be surrounded by some of the most talented and creative people and if anything it has inspired and shown me by example that you can chase and follow your dream and that hard work really does pay off! 

I'm so encouraged by so many different individuals around me and I want to encourage you out there also... If there's something placed on your heart to do... If you wake up every morning passionate about a certain desire or dream... My friend, CHASE IT & don't stop till you've got it! It's never too late to step into all that God has called and designed you to be! Until you're called home... every morning you awake is another chance to pursue your dream! Lets make each and every day count! My prayer for anyone who is reading this, is that you discover your purpose in life and then fulfil it to the absolute maximum! Xo

*  *  *  *  *

Here are some photos I got from the day:

Please check out their website:

and follow them on Instagram:

also please check out & follow Clementine Designs:

I love you guys soooooooo much! xx

I hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies and it inspires you in some way big or small!
Be bold & courageous to chase whatever it is thats been put on your heart to pursue!
Until next time... All my Love & a million tight squeezed hugs - Vee xo


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