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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Warning: If you scare easily dont keep scrolling hahaha

So I literally had to muster up all the courage in the world to post this because it's so scary putting yourself out there but lets be honest I'm not Beyonce, we dont all wake up looking flawless and some of us (me) need a little more help than others haha I wanted to do a post featuring some of my favourite products and show you first hand the magic of make up! This right here is the reason why im OBSESSED with the stuff! It can turn you from scary spice into posh spice real quick haha 

I also wanted to feature my favourite foundation EVER the 'Hello Flawless' by Benefit Cosmetics! It gives you a very flawless cover with a dewy finish and it doesn't feel like cake on your face! I love the colour match for me and will def be stocking up on this shit till I find something better lol

Now I promise you I didnt use any filters on any of the photos even though the left/before photo needed every filter possible haha I stood in the same place the only difference was by the time I had finished my makeup (which I tried to do as fast as possible to catch the same light) the sun was coming through way brighter and I couldn't block it out! (Photo's taken on my IPhone)

These are the products I used for the natural beat face look:

1. Lip pencil by Essence in the colour 06. 'Satin Mauve'

2. 'Shy Girl' Mac lipstick

3. Stay Matte Rimmel Powder in 'Translucent'

4. 'Blissful' Tarte Blush

5. Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in 'Arch'

6. Pro longwear concealer 'NW35'

7. Get Big Lashes Mascara by Essence in '3 Triple Black'

8. Elf Eyebrow Kit

9. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benetift in 'Hazelnut'

10. Fix plus setting spray by Mac

11. Chocolate Bar Palette by Two Faced

If you're looking for a new foundation be sure to check out Benefit's Hello Flawless I know I said it earlier but I swear by this stuff =) Also all the product's I used have been my JANUARY Favourites so I promise you you wont be disappointed if you spend money buying them! They range from $2 - $50 and are all worth the money! I have to shout out the Chocolate Bar Palette... It was my most treasured find of 2014 and I think every girl and their mother should own this or something similar. If you live in Australia be sure to check out 'Mecca Maxima' thats where I picked up mine. I know there's one in Parramatta and also Macquarie mall (Sydney Residents)! And for those of you who live in New Zealand you could order for Sephora.com and use a NZ post shipping service to help ship it to you!

As much as I love makeup im not shy to walk around bare faced! I pretty wear no makeup 5 times a week and Im not embarrassed about it! Use makeup to enhance your beauty and to make you feel good but dont feel like you have to cake it on every single day and hide behind it! I think the secret to finding beauty truly starts from being confident in your skin! Once you master the look of 'bare faced girl' you can rock any look in the world!

Until next time.... All my love, Vee Xo

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