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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Seeing as it is Valentines day this coming Saturday I thought it would be fun to share 2 fool proof, simple, super duper easy idea's to help you show your man/lady some loving!

Nothing screams LOVE more than Red Velvet right? Well instead of making a red Velvet cake or cupcakes why not let your partner wake up to Red Velvet Pancakes? TRUST ME they are soooooooo easy to make, you dont even need that many ingredients, the prep and cooking time is minimal and they taste DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!

In the photos I served my pancakes with fresh fruit, juice, tea (to wash all the goodness down) and I set it up in front of the T.V so that he could get his fix, watch his programs, play his games etc Small details like that are whats going to make it extra special and give it a bit of a pop! Its all about the presentation baby lol Anyway lets get into the recipe. I sifted through sooo many pancake recipe's and this was the easiest one I could find... Shout out to brunchtimebaker.com, be sure to check them out for more simple, yummy, baking goodies!

The second idea's even easier than the first... Why not take your lover out for a romantic picnic?

Now dont hate lol I know this isnt original but I think its still the cutest idea ever! My favourite memories of life are one's with my Naia where we've just chilled somewhere talking and laughing for hours on end! This to me is the perfect way of showing your love that you've put some energy, effort and thought into your date and its so romantical and super cute especially if the day is beautiful out! If your partner craves more quality time, more one on one time and just wants your attention on them and not on whats scrolling through your social media pages then consider this idea! Even better if its at the beach or somewhere looking at a beautiful scenic view! Just remember to take mosquito coil burner to keep them ugly mozzies away haha! xo

I hope you enjoyed this short post... Take the time out to plan something out of the ordinary for your love! I will def be back with more date night ideas in the posts to come!

Until then... spread the love and heaps of it.... Lots of love, Vee xo
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