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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Happy New Year Loverrrrrrr's...

How the heck is it 2015 already? No, seriously? I remember Y2K like it was yesterday hahaha that was the biggest build ups of all build ups right? lol Ok laughing now but at the time I was only 12 and truly believed we were going to die lol Praise Jesus nothing crazy happened!!!

Anyway a massive and belated Happy New Year to all you amazing beauties out there. I hope you've made a list of new years resolutions and one by one smash them out. I know this is going to be your best year yet!!! If you had a great year last year I guarantee this year is going to be even better and for those of you who didn't necessarily have an amazing 2014... head up honey this is your come back year!!! 

I love making resolutions at the beginning of every year but Ive definitely learned that you dont have to wait for the 1st of January.. you can restart your year at any given time.. its totally up to you! Do what ever makes you better as a person, what ever helps you get motivated and and ignore all those resolutions haters lol

I know I know like Y2K ive been totally build up's again with updating my blog but I PROMISE thats going to change! Thank you to my loyal readers (my sister and husband lol) for staying with me, motivating me and encouraging me to continue blogging! I vow to make a lot more effort this year and stop over analysing the content I create and just... press... POST lol

I wanted to quickly touch base and say Hiyeeeee... I'm really looking forward to this year. For some reason it feels a whole lot different to past years so im claiming, trying to work hard and praying that all my dreams and goals can start coming to pass and that I can create a happier, brighter and more fulfilled future for my family and I! I hope and pray the same thing for YOU love!

2015:I've learnt and was reminded early this year that life is TEMPORARY! I think sometimes we can forget that and not really think too much about the fact that at any given time we can be called to Heaven. As scary and as sad as that thought is lets be reminded and be grateful for each day we have on this earth with our loved one's. Lets not take it for granted but work hard to leave behind a great legacy for our families and friends and also challenge ourselves to live each day as if it were our last! Lets make it count! <3

Be blessed & be a blessing!
Until next time........... All my love, VEE! Xo

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