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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Today marks 1 1/2 years since I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to my loves and became another Kiwi who crossed the ditch in search of the 'milk and honey'. Sooo much has happened since I've moved over both good and bad but I'm focusing on the positive, celebrating all the small victories won and I'm happily moving forward and progressing towards a better and brighter future!

Sometimes we get side swept in life and there are road blocks on our journey but don't ever let those small things defeat who you are and distract you from where you're headed! Small steps achieve big goal's! ALWAYS remember that! I came to Sydney with a dream in mind, to blog, to live life, to work hard and set up shop for my own family!

Today I'm celebrating the fact that I moved to Sydney with the love of my life, married him and have started a life that we are so happy and can be proud of. Massive blessings and reconnection's have taken place recently that just make this journey even sweeter! I'm so proud knowing that we are finally doing what feels right and what makes sense for us! We're not looking around at what anyone else has but we're focussed on working hard to attain the blessings God has in store for US!

Stay focused, stay grateful and chase your dreams... No matter! Xo

'She believed and so SHE DID!'

(I couldnt have done this without my Naia... I pray everyone finds their soul mate and better half. Doing life with someone who loves you unconditionally is BOMB!)

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