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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


There's nothing I love more in this world (material wise) than shopping for MAKEUP and no one better to do it with than my sister Rocky! Lately its been our way of catching up properly & its always soooo much fun! Belly laughs for daaaaaays! =)

This weekend we decided to look for makeup thats inexpensive/affordable but that doesn't compromise on quality and I think we found some pretty amazing stuff! I worked out that I was able to buy 10 of the items below for the price of 1 of the primers I was going to purchase from Smashbox!

What I bought: 

Rimmel: Stay Matte Translucent powder, Blush in Genuine Plum, Stay Matte Primer, Eyebrow Pencil in Brown, WonderFULL Mascara with Argon Oil, Scandal Eyes black gel eyeliner, Lasting finish colour rush lip balm in the colour Rumour has it.
Australis: Primer, Foundation Paparazzi HD in Golden Tan (repurchase), Velourlips Matte lip cream in Purple, Finishing spray.
Biore: Pore strips  Swisspers: Face wipes
Manicure: Precision blending sponge  Maybelline: Instant age rewind Primer
I completed the above makeup look from start to finish using ONLY the products I had purchased and I LOOOOVE how it turned out!
(I have coloured the products I used for this look above)
I mean, can we all take a minute to admire this yummy PURPLE matte lipgloss! I think im in LOVE! <3

PURPLE LIPS, What do you think? Are you a fan or Hell No? Haha

Off the cuff I have to say I am LOVING the Brow Pencil, Blush, Finishing spray & translucent powder already (translucent powder means it has no pigment, no colour, so it wont alter the colour of your foundation. Great for ALL skin tones which is awesome news for us darker skinned sisters!) The brow pencil for example was no more than $6 and I know this is a BIG CALL but it works just as well if not better than my Hour glass brow pencil that cost me almost $54... I think I like this brow pencil for more natural looking brows rather than Bold statement 'HELLO' look at me brows lol I hope you know what I mean hehe! 

I know a lot of you tubers & bloggers use a lot of high end products these days but dont feel like you have to buy those products to have pretty looking makeup! You can achieve the look for a fraction of the price it just all come's down to finding the right shade for your skin and A LOOOOT of practice! =) One day we'll all have flawless looking, air brushed makeup hehe! Until then... keep practicing and dont be shy to ask people at the stores to help colour match you... its their job hehe!

Anyway, BIG UPS to all the Brands that put out great quality makeup for affordable prices! Those of us who arent swimming in a pool of money thank you =) lol

Until next time, ILY xo

If you are interested in any of the purchased items please check out the links below:
https://www.priceline.com.au/ | www.target.com.au/Makeup |
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