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Sunday, September 14, 2014

L I F E S T Y L E | Yeezus Tour ft Kim Kardashian

KANYE WEST: Some people love him, others hate him but the fact remains the same...
he's undoubtedly one of the best Lyricists & Hip Hop/Urban Artists of ALL time!!! Point. Blank. Period! 
The fact that he's married to Kim Kardashian; one of the obsessions of my LIFE made seeing him in concert last night even sweeter!

My husband (I buzz out every time i say husband lol) and I made the mad dash to find tickets on Ebay last weekend and I'm so glad we did. Seeing Kanye in Concert was definently an experience and one i won't forget in a hurry! As well as preforming music off his latest album Yeezus, he dropped hit after hit; Jesus Walks, Gold Digger, All falls down, Stronger, Clique, Good Life, Niggas in Paris and heaps more. Can you imagine how crazy it was dancing to those songs and it not be playing off of someones iPod?! INSANE! 

Anyway, last night was sooooo much fun. If you know me you know how much I LOOOOOOOOOVE Kim.. so being in the same room as her and Kanye all whilst being with my babe singing bound 2 was completely MIND NUMBING! Like my friend says its definitely something I can tick off my bucket list.
It was also the first time Naia and I went to a concert together! Special memories with such a special person! It was perfect! 

Here are a small pinch of photos from last night! Enjoy Xo

Naia wearing one of the Tour Tee's we bought after the concert!

*My hair started off down with a Faux leather turban-esque headband from Sportsgirl but as usual it quickly got pulled up into a pony tail and out of my face LOL when will I learn to just tie my hair up from the start? hahaha! All that effort to straighten it always goes to waste lol 

#PolyHairProblems hehe

What I wore: 
Acid Denim Dress | City Chic 
Shoes Timberlands | Hype 
Studs | Colette
Lipstick | Rebel by Mac
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