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Saturday, September 27, 2014

B E A U T Y | My Obsessions of the Moment!

You will soon discover on this blogging journey that I LOOOOOVE MAKEUP and moving to Sydney where I have greater access to it means my Love for it has intensified times a million!!!

For todays post I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favourite beauty related obsessions of the moment. These products are all tried and true and its safe to say I'm madly and deeply in LOVE! If you want an in depth review on any of the products you see below either on this post or any other post... please just let me know! =) 

Ok, enough rambling... Lets get into it! Enjoy Xo

My first obsession at the moment is collecting MAC Lipsticks... Why I was ever so late jumping on this bandwagon is BEYOND me! They are seriously so delicious and well worth the money! Im personally a fan of the 'Satin' finishes; they're creamy and don't seem to dry out my lips like other lippy's tend to do! Also the pigmentation is amazing and their lasting power means it'll stay on your lips pretty much all day! 

TIP: Using a lip liner all over the lip first will ensure your lipstick doesn't bleed, looks sharper and will last a lot longer throughout the duration of the day!

Below from L2R: Candy YumYum | Cyber | Blankety | Rebel | Faux | Captive | Ruby Woo

C O N C E A L E R : Is God's gift to Woman! lol Ok slight (over)exaggeration but you get what I mean! This is definitely a staple item for me and a product I feel every woman should own! Its great for covering and brightening any dark under eye circles and helps you look more fresh and awake! It's also great for helping to define your eyebrows & is an excellent spot treatment which magically erases any little spots or blemishes you need hidden! 

I would completely recommend any of the concealers below. They are all medium to full coverage, are light weight, don't feel cakey and definitely leave your skin looking flawless and gorgeous!

*Studio Sculpt has recently been discontinued but I'm hoping at some stage they bring it back*

Pro Longwear NW35 | Select Moisture Cover NW35 | Select Moisture Cover NW30 | Studio Sculpt NW35

Another Obsession of mine are FINISHING SPRAYS
These are too often over looked and Im wondering, WHYYYYY?
Nearly every makeup brand carry their own version as they have a lot of great uses.

Spraying your face BEFORE applying your makeup gives your skin extra hydration and will ensure the application of your foundation is a lot smoother. You can also spray this AFTER your makeup is completed to ensure your makeup sets and locks in all day! 

I also find spraying this all over your face once makeup is applied helps your skin look like skin again. I don't know how it does it but it does it lol You can also sprits this on your face throughout the day to refreshen your makeup and it leaves your skin looking lovely, fresh and dewy! 

Benefit | Mary Kay | NYX | MAC

Having a Strong Eyebrow Game is very important in Life haha Im kidding BUT if you're into brow's I guarantee you will love the products below! 

The Duo eyebrow kit you see is from ELF which you can find at any Kmart store. It comes with a Powder and a Gel like formula. Im telling you Shaaaanxo made the world fall in love with this product! lol It proves that even low end products can work just as well.

Gimme Brow by Benefit is like an eyebrow mascara. It's excellent for days where you just wanna define your brows but don't have time. You can just simply brush these through your brow hairs and they instantly look a million times better! Its great for setting your eyebrows so those crazy stray hairs don't move around during the day and it also adds a little bit of a tint at the same time! 

My eyebrow pencil (with a spoolie brush on the end) is by hourglass. This product is LIIFFEE seriously... it gives great definition all whilst being easy to blend! The pencil has a powder consistency and is great for defining and filling in your eye brows on the go! The spoolie on the opposite end is amazing for blending out any harsh lines and for feathering out the fronts of your brows making them look more natural and wearable! I freaking LOVE!

As well as the products all working well alone they work even better together! 

FACT:If your eyebrows are on point it'll frame your face and compliment the rest of your makeup. Spend a little extra time next time you're getting ready to filling them out and making them look AMAZE! You'll thank me later! =)

Last by certainly not the least are my Olay skincare products
(in conjunction with the famous Clarisonic Mia)

I have been Loving using these products below! Since I love makeup so much I feel that I should take good care of my skin to ensure the makeup sits on it a lot smoother.. which in the end will make it look A LOT better! No matter how expensive the makeup is if you're skin isn't looking right the makeup won't sit right! 

Its for that reason that I have been taking extra good care of my skin and trying to prevent any lines appearing lol Never too early to start preventing them smile lines and creases in your face hehe!

If you are looking for a day/night skin care routine I completely recommend the Olay skincare line below! I use the face wash (tall tube) every day and use the treatment (on the right) every few days! As well as using these face washes I use the Day and Night creams which also have SPF in them. I have such sensitive skin and these products haven't broken me out once!

As for the Clarisonic Mia... Seriously if you're thinking of buying one BUY ONE! You'll love it... all you have to do is google reviews on them and you'll read what all the hype is about! Its def all that!

Alright... I know that was a bit of a read but I could seriously talk about how much I love these products all day! I would never recommend something I didn't think was worth the money so always know that my opinions are always 100% mine and 100% true! 

If you know of any products you think I might like let a girl know please hehe!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed =)
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