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Thursday, January 10, 2013


I cant believe im writing this post... Feel's weird and exciting all in one!

So... After months of analysing, talking and praying Naia and I have decided to make the move across the Ditch!..... 

Its something that has been on our Bucket List for a wee while. We both want to try our luck living the "Australian Working Dream" before the Milk and Honey runs dry! We're faithful that taking a step outside our comfort zone will stretch us, test us but also set us up for bigger and better things for ourselves and our families! As hard as it is deciding to leave our parents (tears already streaming) im reminded that a better life for Naia and I is a better life for them! That's all I want, to set up my family, to be able to provide more and at the same time get out of my comfort zone! You know when you've been in the same place/role/surroundings you become complacent? The passion and drive slowly dies and its not until your next leap that you feel energised and revitalised again? That's how I feel right now, I almost need a shock to the system to get things going again because I really don't want to be content with 'whatever' and that's kind of how im feeling right about now! 

Its always been instilled in us as children by our parents to do the best that we can do, to dream big, work hard and that you reap what you sew! So this is us... Sewing a seed in Australia and hoping that our decision to move was for the best! *Positive thinking/Positive Vibes* The comfort is knowing that home is only a 3 hour flight away, less than half the time it takes to drive from Wellington to Auckland! Im also comforted knowing that we will be moving to be closer to my siblings and they Love Naia and treat him like their own, hes so comfortable around them too so that totally helps! However I know right now that ill be missing my parents, my sister Janice and my babies jasi, Emma, Uati and masey A WHOLE LOT!!!!! Ive already had a cry today just thinking about the move so I shall try my best to contain myself or ill be crying a river till the day i leave!

Anyway this move is taking place sooner than later, Naia is heading over first and will be leaving in the next two weeks, his last day at work is next Friday 18 Jan :O yup that soon! I will be heading over a couple months after him, I just need to tie up a few loose ends on this side as well as that we want someone to always be working. So that's our plan and as sad as I am because I really want to go same time as Naia im trusting our plan was decided for the Best Reason - I know that we made the right choice! #Sacrifice

Im totally looking forward to the next leg of our Journey together as a couple, i know that itll only strengthen us and make us rely more on each other and on God! Im just pumped to make things work! I have a couple of projects lined up with my sisters that im excited to work on as well as planning our BIG DAY Yipppeeee! This Years going to be an Amazing and Life changing year (Im Totally CLAIMING that) Bring it on already!

Im going to miss Wellington, it really is the best place on earth to live, who knows we might be back in the next few months if we hate aussie hahaha! Going to miss the people i grew up with but I know that the people who care will reach out and make time with us and vice versa those kinds of friendships i hold close, im going to miss my family but bring on May in the Gold Coast whooop and im going to miss the commuting haha! Not looking forward to crazy traffic but hey... its allgood lol #ThyShallNotComplain hahahaha!

Thankful for the people around us who have been so encouraging and supportive with the move! Its made gearing up to the day a tad easier! xxxxxxxxx

Where ever you are in Life Remember: Take the Good with the Bad the Happy and the Sad (thanks Keri Hilson) and just roll with it! Problem Solving is Key, dont dwell on bad things, work on improving them and making things better! You Can do WHATEVER you set your mind to! I totally believe that this is going to be such a life changing year for all my Loved ones and im so excited to hear all about it!

Dont forget 'What you do today will Improve your tomorrow!' Start Hustling, you were meant to Live an Amazing Life!!!!

Till Next Time... Lots & Lots of Love.... Vee & Naia! 
(your prayers are totally welcome lol we'll need and appreciate them xxx)

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