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Thursday, February 16, 2012


A Week or so ago I Tweeted that I was off to Look for Stuff to Decorate my Room - Its an Obsession of mine - i always find myself at the warehouse or briscoes on Sunday evening. I have this notion that i should decorate it every sunday night so come Monday I'm ready to kick ass for the week - i know, I'm weird but what can you do? haha! I'm a Home Bum to the max so i like feeling comfortable in my room and i always feel relaxed when its in order, it looks pretty and feels super duper comfy & cosy! Is that Strange? Anyway on my Trip i bought a few little things but got a bit distracted in the Book Section :S (Reading is my Current Obsession lol) So here's my Room - Nothing Booming just an Ordinary Room -  still thought id share a few pics. Found a couple Bargains that i thought were total SCORES! Yipppe! When i was little i used to allllllways want a Pretty Princess Room so that's probably why i have a lot of pink accents in my Room now! lol Anyway Hope you Enjoy! #LOVE&LIGHT

This is what you see when you walk into my Room! The Mirror was one of my Purchases, got it on Sale for $20 and i LOOOVE it so much! #score Also the Painting you see straight ahead is one i won at a charity auction at work maybe 4 years ago - think its simple and cute (idk) i like it :)

I Bought these two frames for $10 each can you believe it #BARGAIN these are what i put next to the Mirror (above) just so my Wall wasn't completely Bare :) 

My Poor babe hahaha Thanks for Helping Me - always such a Team Player hehe! x

The Finished Product :)

Those white Drawers/Desk you see belonged to my Parents when they were together and I cannot bring myself to get Rid of it even though its so old and Rangi. It use to be in our living Room. I remember it being Brand New - it was like a Display Piece; it had Photos and Books on it etc but we were never allowed to touch it. Also had a Glass Top Covering the Entire Desk but i think that smashed :( Love my Desk! x

Like my Duvet Cover? Got it on Sale from Briscoes - Goh i love that place!

Black Hangers - You Can Never have too many! I Buy a couple packs of these nearly Every time i go to the Warehouse; i don't like different Hangers in my Wardrobe so i opt for these; thick and strong and inexpensive: $6 for a pack of 5.

I don't have much storage in my Room - I tend to hang most things up but i bought these cute plastic containers (hot pink of course) and i store tee's, singlets, sweat's and tights in them aww i LOVE these! Seriously fits a ton of things in them and it looks more organised then just folding your clothes and sticking them on the top shelf! One of my favourite Purchases that day!

*blurry photo grr* I bought 4 of them and they fit perfectly side by side - was only $10 bucks each - even better Yippppe! p.s *notice my black hangers - don't they look better than WIIIREEE HANNNGGERRRS (in madeas voice zz)*

Can Never have too many Magazines - Bought these Yesterday Actually; LOVE Fashion Mag's! :)

If you look in the Photo with the White Desk this is the White Drawers that's on the Right Side; This was only $20, its actually the second set of Drawers Ive had like this, the first one cracked because i stacked way too many things on it so i HAD to get another one! Anyway in the Top Drawer i just Store Nail Polish! (bought these containers from woolworths so i could keep the drawers a little organised)

Second Drawer is just New Stuff I or Naia haven't Used Yet (unopened Draw)

The 3rd Drawer just has my Sigma Palettes a Tub with little Eyeshadow Palettes & some wipes in the back!

My Double Sided Mirror, Sigma Brushes and i Store my other Eyeshadow Palettes in this Silver Book / File Holder thingy i Found from Briscoes! (don't know what they're called) sooo Handy & Cheap though Love it!

I bought the Candles on either Side on sale for $5 each so i could use them as Book Holder's! Can never find anything in stores to do the Job so i got these plus they look Pretty! These are My Favourite Books at the Mo! The Lauren Conrad Series was one of my Purchases from Warehouse that night too i Squealed with Excitement when i saw them! Cant wait to Read! :) $30 for the set can u believe it $10 bucks a book #BARGAIN!

Naia and i are MOVIE BUFF'S, we always pick up Cheap Dvd's no lies nearly every time we go Shopping. Granny.com i know but we LOVE watching DVDs hehe 

My Comp - Yes I'm watching Makeup Videos haahaha! Naia Loves playing around on Garage band - his Sister  Moana Lent him her Mic so that's been next to the computer ever since, if I'm not watching makeup video's hes recording something or making beats! To Each his Own right haha! (but really i try use the mic when hes not around hahahaha) Id die without my mac seriously shes like my 3rd bestfriend haha!

Yall Know i Love me some BEYONCE. Shes my Inspiration so i Had to have her up on my Wall! I love her Fashion too!

Next to my Computer (in silver holder like the one i hold my makeup palettes in) I Keep a Sketch Pad in the Back, TRUE WHIT (i LOVE her) this was one of my Purchases on my trip to get home decor lol couldnt resist, My JOURNAL and 'Dont Sweat the Small Stuff' which I'm currently reading as well! #LOVE also i have some colouring in Pencils so i can attempt to Draw! (don't laugh) :)

Yes i got distracted when i was looking for stuff in my room but i love the colouring in pencils next to my desk so bright and well.. colourful hehe! Working on some stuff with my sisters! p.s Damn i miss buying stationary for school was the best part of my year haha!

MY MOLLY'S I love these photos they took on my comp - hada put them up! Cracks me up every time! They took these while i was packing to go to Sydney before Xmas, then they came with me to dry my laundry at like 3am that morning before i headed off home to get my stuff and go airport! aww Love these pretty girls sooooo much you don't even know xox

Another Shot of my Bed :) Making me wanna go Sleep!

A few of my Bags just on the Back of the Door! LOVE those things you can hang on your Door and it has Hooks? you know what i mean, perfect for hanging up Jackets and Hoodies! I need one of those!

Some more Photo's of my Loves - Cant wait to Print out some more! :) Always a Story behind every photo and smile!

Another Angle - my Doorway! 

There you Have it - Probably not every ones taste but I LOVE IT! :) Only got a few things but Like they say 'Rome wasnt built in a Day' def haven't finished decorating yet and dont think i ever will! Anyway that's my Room! Hope you Enjoyed my Humble Abode :) #Peace&Love yall! 

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