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Monday, February 29, 2016


In the short while I've been blessed to know this beauty I have learnt so much about life, community and using whats in your hand to inspire and be a light in this world! Todays Monday Motivation is a video by the amazing Janice Setu-Galo - Head Designer & Co Owner of Salt & Light Threads! 

I hope this video inspires and excites you to chase your dream's and to use what's been placed in your hand and heart to fulfil your purpose in life!

Happy Monday beautiful babes! Be inspired to inspire! Xo

Check out Salt and Light Threads Website: HERE

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Rosita Gibbons aka Rosita Vai is known for her wealth of musical achievement’s. She was the second New Zealand Idol winner and since then has been working on a multitude of projects; the latest being the release of her music video for KOKO RICE! After years of grinding in the music industry she is releasing an EP which I can tell you right now is complete FIRE!!! Her hustle and journey in life has helped produce an amazing body of work which I’m so excited for her fans and the rest of the world to hear! It’s definitely in my opinion ‘The Best of Rosie’ and the great thing is... She’s just warming up!

The EP opens up with a beautiful acoustic interlude of guitar and vocals where Rosie sets up a soothing, serene and soulful feel with the track 'Alofa mai'. Her unique and effortless tone straight away transports you into a carefree and relaxed zone. The Neo Soul feel it give’s with that tight band sets up the EP for a win right from the get go! Her lyrical game is strong throughout as she gives a sneak peak of her perspective of LOVE with the tracks 'Miss you & Koko Rice'! (LOVE might be the underlying tone here I'm thinking!) 

She makes us snap our fingers with the song ‘Seawall’ where she slays vocally over that slick rick track by Samuel Tui! She already has me singing ‘sweet things, that make me wanna cry’ haha (you’ll get what I mean once you listen to the track) To say I'm OB-SESSED with this song is a complete understatement! I love love love it! She then switches it up and give’s us a little bit of that ‘Happy people’ R Kelly vibe with ‘So High’ which is def one of my faaaaave’s! It’s the perfect summer song that just makes you wanna get up and dance! I can't wait to jam this song in my car with the windows down on a hot Sydney night!

Rosie masterfully captures the feel and essence of each track. I love the hints of pasefika flare she adds! It's unique, it's fresh and its distinctively Rosie! Melodically, lyrically and vocally this is the best I've heard her! She's definitely in her element! The time she took to create, explore idea's and find her sound was well and truly worth the wait! The only disappointment was I needed the other half of the EP! Give us that full album girl hahaha Jokes I'm just greedy and want more haha!

Can we all take a minute and appreciate how insaaaaanely amazing the visuals were for the Koko Rice Video Clip? Rosie you completely killed it on this one! The creatively crafted set, the fierce and fabulous wardrobe, the beat makeup, the beautiful extra’s angelically dressed in white  - everything was visually enticing and executed to perfection! Well done lovely to you and your team for producing some serious amazingness! It was so fresh and dope and I'm already so excited for the next one to come out!

Click here to watch the clip... 

I'm no music guru nor am I a professional EP reviewer! These are all merely humble thoughts from one girl who loves music but if there's one thing Id want to leave you with it's this: Rosie proves that passion, prayer and persistence pays off! This EP proves it! I have no doubt's sky's are the limit for this beauty and I'm so excited to follow her journey as she reaches for the star's! So proud of you for this labour of love Rosie! You have completely outdone yourself! This is so your time... Embrace it, grab the opportunity with both hands and run with it... all the way to the top!

Thank you for the honour of being able to review this EP for you! So blessed that I was able to do so in a very small way! Proud of the territory you are gaining with your music! Keep doing your thing & keep inspiring with your craft! I'm hoping you hit the road soon and tour... I would pay anything to hear this EP live in a Jazz bar type of setting and I know so many other's would too! =)

Love & Light; Your girl Vee! Xo

Monday, December 14, 2015


December is all about spreading the love and I wanted to take a minute to shed some light on 3 fabulous Blog's by 3 very beautiful and creative ladies! I am all about women empowering and supporting one another and I just love love love finding blog's I can relate to and follow!

Check out their blog's, show them some love & leave them an encouraging comment =)
Lusa Lealea is the creative, strong and honest blogger who dedicates her blog to her baby girls Isis & Isla! She's pretty much documented her journey as a mother since day 1 and I can honestly say she makes me excited to one day (God willing) be a mummy myself! Anything you need to know about life, love & babies'... she has you covered! As well as being a super amazing Mummy, daughter, sister & wife she is also an exceptional friend! She's the one everyone goes to for advice. No matter how busy she is she always makes time for you, has an open door policy and is such a light to everyone around her! Head on over and show my girl some love!

Click here to check out Lu's Blog!

Toeupu Leuila is 1 year married to the love of her life and has recently gone live with her blog; sharing all thing's Life and Food! Going off of Toe's Insta alone where pretty much all her foodie pic's just make you drool and wanna eat... I can pretty much guarantee you that her blog will be nothing short of amazing; filled with scrumptious eatables and wifey wisdom as she journey's through life! So excited to keep up with your blog Love! Xo 

Click here to check out Toe's Blog!

Esther Lemuelu is the style and fashion enthusiast who's love for clothes will inspire you. As long as I've known her she's never been afraid to step out of the norm and rock an outfit that's out of the box and fab! Her creativeness is expressed through her thread's and it's something she takes very seriously! I admire it so much about her and its one reason.. as well as her being one of my bestie's that I'll be checking in weekly for updates =) 

Click here to check out Esther's Blog! 

Be inspired to inspire my lovelies! I pray 20-16 opens windows & door's for you Ladies! Whatever dream's and hope's you have for your blog may they come into fulfilment and so much more! P.S Lets collab! hehe Xo

If you have a blog, please share link in comment's below! I would Love to read & follow!

Your girl; Vee! Xo

Friday, December 11, 2015


I've been given the amazing opportunity to blog once a month for Salt & Light Threads; a non for profit AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND MADE clothing brand! Already it has been a massive learning curve and it's such a dream come true to be able to blog somewhere other than house of vee! This was my December blog, I hope you enjoy! Make sure to head on over to their site, check out their threads and enjoy some light reading on their Blog page! Xo

The HeART of Giving...

What better month to share about the heART of giving than December! It's the festive month that gets everyone in a jolly and giving mood! For some of us the thought of buying for others gets us super duper excited but to most it can be a stressful and daunting task that would rather be left last minute to avoid over crowded malls! Christmas can also sometimes be overlooked as just an over the top commercialised holiday where companies make millions of dollars but there’s more to it than just simply giving a gift at Christmas time…

Todays post is about sharing two short ideas 1) The heart of giving 2) The art of doing so in a way that will leave the recipient of your gifts screaming with excitement and YOU dusting your shoulders off because you tried and you succeeded.

1. The heart of giving. Giving is something I am crazy passionate about; it's part of my DNA! The thought of blessing someone and seeing their face light up when they receive it is seriously #LifeGoals for me and I'm sure a lot of you can relate. However in my opinion the gift itself isn't what's special about giving... It's the seed that you plant in someone else that is the blessing! Whether that be a seed of generosity; inspiring someone to pay it forward, the seed of self worth and up lifting someone or even just a seed of hope and being a blessing to someone else.
Christmas is the perfect time to be a light of kindness and grace to either a grumpy neighbour or a solo parent you work with by simply giving a small token of love and spreading the festive spirit. Making a gift really personal is another great opportunity to let someone know how much of a blessing they are to you… Which leads me into:

2. The Art of giving. This simply means it doesn't have to be standard or boring! Being creative with the gift you give is adding your own personal flare to it whilst asking yourself these two questions: A) Will the recipient like it and B) Will they use it? Generic gift packs are great but can sometimes go unused which can be a waste of money. The intention behind the gift was most probably genuine but why not tailor make the gift for each individual and make it worth your time, money and effort! With a little bit of planning it doesn't have to be as stressful as it seems! Below are a couple of his & her gifts ideas!

For HER!
The examples were based off of things that would help radiate beauty inside and out for both males and females. For him gym gears and protein as well as skincare items he might not think to buy for himself and for her some beauty and skincare essentials as well as a good read and a diary she can jot down her thoughts and plans! The art is also in the presentation; using a vase, a cookie jar or a basket could be a fun and cute way of “wrapping” your gifts this Christmas! It’s all about being creative and resourceful and it’s up to you how much or little you spend!

For HIM!
My last Gift idea is off course an item from the latest Tropical Summer Collection here at Salt & Light Threads. The garments were designed for comfort and style keeping in mind those of us who love to enjoy that festive season food binge tradition. Earn some brownie points with your lady, your sister or friend by including some of Salt & Light Threads newest summer collection pieces to kick your gift up to a whole ‘nother level! Not only are these pieces fierce and absolutely fabulous they're ‘stitched for whoever’ which means, YES GIRL it doesn't matter what size you are; it can be custom made especially for you! Now how’s that for personal =)

Click here to shop the collection: 

If your capacity does not allow you to buy fancy gifts for the one’s you love… not to worry! A handwritten card/letter can be just as sweet and precious! Creative and encouraging words have the power to make a huge impact on one’s life and are just as memorable! Or maybe you could offer to help someone at home or at work or with a passion project they’re working on! Act’s of service as well as investing your time to lean in and show support for someone else are just as valuable if not more so than material gifts!

Giving is a universal language because deep down inside all of us believe the idea of giving means to be loved and I know everyone in this world whether they admit it or not want and need LOVE! Probably the most important part for me in the heart of giving is this: Give without wanting or expecting anything in return! Trust me, what you give in whatever capacity you can will never come back void. Good things come to those who sow bountifully… Word!

To our fabulights world wide I hope and pray you have a safe and fun festive season and a Merry Merry Christmas! Whatever you give this year let it be from the heart with a pinch and a half of creative and arty uniqueness!

Love & Light! Your girl; Vee! Xo

Monday, October 19, 2015


Thank you Lord for letting me marry and do life's journey with my BEST friend!
I am truly the luckiest girl that I have a man who loves, respects, protects, provides and genuinely care's for me on a daily basis...
Your capacity to love me more and more blows my mind each and every day!
No amount of words will ever be able to express the love and gratitude I have for you Babe!
You are the light in my world that no amount of darkness can overcome...
Thank you for working tirelessly everyday so that we can have a good life.
I have never been happier than I am right now and I owe it entirely to you!
I pray God blesses you with the best of the best! You absolutely deserve it.

In Love with you Babe, Forever!
Love always... Your Wife Xo


Sunday, October 4, 2015


I dont wear makeup every single day... but when I decide to beat my face these are the products I reach for the most!!! Im forever on the hunt for product's that will give my makeup (especially my base) that semi natural and flawless look but while I hunt for those I'm confident these products do a great job and suit my skin type and skin tone. Im just so happy Ive got my essentials down packed! Yaaaaay!

What are some of your makeup must have's?

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I love tumblr! I've used it as my online inspiration board for years now and will continue to do so for years to come! I'm obsessed with re-blogging food pics, outfit posts, vacation spots, shoes, quotes, makeup looks and pretty much anything that looks glamorous and fabulous! Its the perfect 'memory bank' for saving outfits you like, or shoes that are dope because you can always go back and see what it is that's tickling your pickle... which will then help you shop accordingly haha

If you wanna check it out... just click on link below:


As always, I hope something on there Inspires you =)
Happy Friday Eve FAM! Yay its nearly the weekend!
Sending you so much Love! Xo

(If you have a tumblr please leave link below so I can go follow you and check it out!)

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Model: Evelyn Vaigalu
Saturday 30th of May 2015 will go down as one of my favourite days of the year so far!
I was honoured to be asked to help the beautiful Clementine (Designs) with hair & makeup for my good friends Janice & Rika's fashion label: Salt & Light Threads
It was the filming of their street wear look book and I was soo thrilled that I got to tag along.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I'm starting to feel very Inspired by Colour!
Which is saying a lot for the girl who likes to wear ALL black everything as much and as often as possible. haha
This can only mean one thing... Spring is well and truly on its way! =)
I cant wait to farewell the winter chill's, welcome the blossoming of flowers and enjoy that 'just right' weather... not too hot and not too cold! Ekkkk I'm getting excited for the new season ahead!

What's inspiring you right now?

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Seriously... can we all take a minute just to marvel at how amazingly STUNNING these beauty's are? Killllllling it in the fashion and blog industry with their fearless and perfected steeze! These ladies continue to represent the plus size community to the fullest and prove day after day and post after post that 'fashion has no size'!!!!

Im always so inspired by these love's and if I find more plus size bloggers that im obsessed with then i'll def do another post and share! In the meantime I've posted some of my favourite looks from Gabi of Gabi Fresh, Chante of Everything Curvy and Chic and Tanesha of Girl with Curves. These ladies give me Liiiiiiiiiiifffffeeeeee! Come through ladies with your bad selves =) Love, Love, Love!!!

Show them love: (click on the links below)

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hey FAM,

I'm so excited to share with you some of my Beauty favourites for the month of July. These products I promise are all tried and true and are things I've been reaching for almost every time I decide to beat my face lol I deem these some of my "Holy Grail" items and I hope if you decide to purchase them they become staples in your makeup kit too =)

I'll list off everything pictured below and write a very brief description on why I love it! I'll try not to write too much to save this post from being the longest.. but we'll see how I go haha! Anyway lets get into it shall we? In no particular order....

Saturday, April 25, 2015


'Books Inform but the Bible TRANSFORMS'

As much as I love beauty (makeup wise) I realise more and more as I grow older the importance of feeling beautiful from the inside out! For me going back to church has really started the inner process of being completely content, filled with absolute love and being able to radiate a beauty only God can crown me with so that I can share a glow no Becca Opal Highlighter can give me (did you catch that makeup reference rocky?) lol

I encourage that you find that inner beauty aswell.... for me its seeing myself through Gods eyes (reading his word) and believing that I am really worth far more than rubies! Whatever that inner beauty looks like for you I hope and pray that you find it and if no one on this earth tells you... YOU ARE FAR MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES my darling! (Proverbs 3:15)

Beauty starts from within... Imagine how even more amazing, flawless and beautiful your makeup will be when you get that extra radiance from within? Noone in this world will be able to tell you nothing... HELLURRR!!!! hahaha xo


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


On Sunday my husband and I hopped on the train and headed to the city for a bit of retail therapy! I have been waiting for so long to go back to Sephora and when I tell you I was literally hyperventilating out of excitement hopping off the train because we were getting closer... hand on my heart im not even kidding! lol Aint no shame in my game haha My makeup obsession is just so freaking real! You can tell Sephora just opened up in Sydney aye! Americans you's are so lucky to have Sephora, Ulta, CVS etc I hope slowly they all make their way to Sydney!

I went in with a list of things I wanted (serious business) I always make note of what I really want to try out (especially if the reviews have been amazing) that way when I go shopping there's no chance of impulse purchases that could potentially be a waste of money! I have a few impulse purchase buys just sitting pretty on my desk barely used! zzz 

Anyway I was a woman on a mission, a kid in a candy store and I was determined to find the items I wanted in the CORRECT colour for me. Last time I walked out with 3 different foundations that I was told were the right colour's for me by the workers and found when I started wearing them that they definitely were not! Aint nobody got money to waste with wrong colour selections! (I actually just found out though that you can get a refund for any purchases you are not happy with but only lasts for 30 days! I think thats freaking amazing!) I've already used every product and no joke they are all amazing!!! (product list below)

Saturday, April 18, 2015


My OBSESSION with Ghost Furniture is real people and completely out of this world! So much so that I had to create a "Ghost Furniture Inspiration" post for other freaks like me who are in loooove with this transparent goodness! 

It wont be everyone's cup of tea. I'm well aware of that. I think some may think its tacky or cheap looking but I am OB-SESSED!!!!! It's Clean. Modern. Fancy. Edgy and I want & need similar pieces! I think the transparency is very reminiscent of crystal why it looks fancy to me haha eh I dont know... All I know is I LOVE!

What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay?

*If anyone see's any Ghost like furniture around Australia that is purchasable please let me know!*

Until next time... All my Love, VEE xo

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I Loooooooooooove Winter Fashion! Its my favourite season (fashion wise) everrrrrr...
It's that time of the year when you pull out your coats, your fur, your ugg boots, your Parka jackets, them scarves and Carhartt beanies, your chelsea boots... gaaahh damn just bring it all out! To get us ready for the 1st of June here is a bit of Winter Inspiration for y'all... =)

If you're like me and dress the same every season (zzz) then switch it up a little! Make yourself a little fancy this Winter so that you're warm and most importantly you look and feel amazing every time you step out!

Let's get Inspired my Love's xxxxxo

Monday, April 13, 2015


10 Things I've learnt about Marriage (so far):

1. Falling in love is the easiest part... After you've fallen you need to get up and start putting in the work to keep your love exciting, fun and fresh!

2. Respect is EVERYTHING! Respect is the foundation of a strong relationship.

3. Know your role... We both have responsibilities within our household and marriage that we both try to stay on top of to keep our house and relationship running smoothly! Take ownership of your role's... this will help significantly!

4. Being Understanding is so important. Even if you dont understand your spouse and something they are going through sometimes just telling each other you do is better than saying 'oh get over it, its not a big deal' those words can be deadly sometimes. Empathy can go a long way.

5. Communication is KEY! Two people can be in the same relationship and yet see it in two different way's.

6. Always be each others biggest cheer leader and supporter in everything you's do!

7. Marriage is about Team work! 'Alone you can do so little, together you can do so much'

8. Date nights are crucial. Take it in turns to organise it so that you're both contributing and its not the same person always organising your nights out.

9. 'If something's not growing its dead' You's are in this for the long run so it's imperative that you're always pushing each other (not in a nagging, annoying way) but always ask yourselves 'whats our next step' like someone said to me tonight 'everyone has a next step' Keep growing, keep learning, keep falling in love... make it a priority!

10. Make God the centre of your marriage. 'A cord of three strands is not quickly broken'

* * * *

I dont think we'll ever stop learning about marriage. Sometimes it feel's like trial an error. Learning from your mistakes is part of the process. I thank God every morning and night for my Darling Babe. We have been through the highest highs and the lowest lows and yet we're still riding together! We have learnt so much about ourselves and each other and even though we've been together for 7 years I feel like there's still so much we have to learn!

If there's one thing I'm most certain of its that I wouldn't want to live this life and progress through this journey with any other man. I thank you Naia for continuing to love me and for treating me like a queen even when I can sometimes be a handful! lol I have learnt sooooo much about Gods love through your love for me. Thank you Babe!


Coming up to our 1 year of marriage... a 100 more years to go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


To anyone who's ever felt like their success... or their turn... or their time hasnt come yet... 
Keep being patient, keep working hard and know that your SUCCESS (whatever that may be) will come!

 Sometimes its easy to be discouraged when you look around and see other people have attained more than you, or a flaunting more than you or are gaining more than you... Remember that what people put out their isnt always the real deal... We ALL showcase only the parts or bits or things we want the world to see but more importantly its not about what others have! Stay in your lane, focus on yourself and keep working! 
Whatever youre praying and working for... it'll come! Just give it time to flourish and grow!

This message is so powerful and one I will always treasure!

Life aint always easy but just Keep On Keeping On! Xo

'A man reaps what he sows' Galatians 6:7

Monday, February 16, 2015


I dont know about you but I love, love, love seeing what people wear on the streets and off stage just as much as I love seeing their on stage ensembles... if not MORE!

I thought since it's my second job (self employed) to stalk celebs and what they wear all day everyday why not share some of them on here! 
Street fashion excites me lol No joke!

Now its no secret that im OBSESSED with Beyonce and Kim but Gwen Stefani is such a favourite of mine that I rarely pay homage to but I was reminded of how dope she is with her outfit at the grammy's! She's been around since I was little and still killing it!

I'll be posting Street Style posts every Monday going forward so be sure to come back and check them out!

Until next time! Love yaaaaaa... Vee Xo

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Seeing as it is Valentines day this coming Saturday I thought it would be fun to share 2 fool proof, simple, super duper easy idea's to help you show your man/lady some loving!

Nothing screams LOVE more than Red Velvet right? Well instead of making a red Velvet cake or cupcakes why not let your partner wake up to Red Velvet Pancakes? TRUST ME they are soooooooo easy to make, you dont even need that many ingredients, the prep and cooking time is minimal and they taste DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!

In the photos I served my pancakes with fresh fruit, juice, tea (to wash all the goodness down) and I set it up in front of the T.V so that he could get his fix, watch his programs, play his games etc Small details like that are whats going to make it extra special and give it a bit of a pop! Its all about the presentation baby lol Anyway lets get into the recipe. I sifted through sooo many pancake recipe's and this was the easiest one I could find... Shout out to brunchtimebaker.com, be sure to check them out for more simple, yummy, baking goodies!

The second idea's even easier than the first... Why not take your lover out for a romantic picnic?

Now dont hate lol I know this isnt original but I think its still the cutest idea ever! My favourite memories of life are one's with my Naia where we've just chilled somewhere talking and laughing for hours on end! This to me is the perfect way of showing your love that you've put some energy, effort and thought into your date and its so romantical and super cute especially if the day is beautiful out! If your partner craves more quality time, more one on one time and just wants your attention on them and not on whats scrolling through your social media pages then consider this idea! Even better if its at the beach or somewhere looking at a beautiful scenic view! Just remember to take mosquito coil burner to keep them ugly mozzies away haha! xo

I hope you enjoyed this short post... Take the time out to plan something out of the ordinary for your love! I will def be back with more date night ideas in the posts to come!

Until then... spread the love and heaps of it.... Lots of love, Vee xo

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Warning: If you scare easily dont keep scrolling hahaha

So I literally had to muster up all the courage in the world to post this because it's so scary putting yourself out there but lets be honest I'm not Beyonce, we dont all wake up looking flawless and some of us (me) need a little more help than others haha I wanted to do a post featuring some of my favourite products and show you first hand the magic of make up! This right here is the reason why im OBSESSED with the stuff! It can turn you from scary spice into posh spice real quick haha 

I also wanted to feature my favourite foundation EVER the 'Hello Flawless' by Benefit Cosmetics! It gives you a very flawless cover with a dewy finish and it doesn't feel like cake on your face! I love the colour match for me and will def be stocking up on this shit till I find something better lol

Now I promise you I didnt use any filters on any of the photos even though the left/before photo needed every filter possible haha I stood in the same place the only difference was by the time I had finished my makeup (which I tried to do as fast as possible to catch the same light) the sun was coming through way brighter and I couldn't block it out! (Photo's taken on my IPhone)

These are the products I used for the natural beat face look:

1. Lip pencil by Essence in the colour 06. 'Satin Mauve'

2. 'Shy Girl' Mac lipstick

3. Stay Matte Rimmel Powder in 'Translucent'

4. 'Blissful' Tarte Blush

5. Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in 'Arch'

6. Pro longwear concealer 'NW35'

7. Get Big Lashes Mascara by Essence in '3 Triple Black'

8. Elf Eyebrow Kit

9. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benetift in 'Hazelnut'

10. Fix plus setting spray by Mac

11. Chocolate Bar Palette by Two Faced

If you're looking for a new foundation be sure to check out Benefit's Hello Flawless I know I said it earlier but I swear by this stuff =) Also all the product's I used have been my JANUARY Favourites so I promise you you wont be disappointed if you spend money buying them! They range from $2 - $50 and are all worth the money! I have to shout out the Chocolate Bar Palette... It was my most treasured find of 2014 and I think every girl and their mother should own this or something similar. If you live in Australia be sure to check out 'Mecca Maxima' thats where I picked up mine. I know there's one in Parramatta and also Macquarie mall (Sydney Residents)! And for those of you who live in New Zealand you could order for Sephora.com and use a NZ post shipping service to help ship it to you!

As much as I love makeup im not shy to walk around bare faced! I pretty wear no makeup 5 times a week and Im not embarrassed about it! Use makeup to enhance your beauty and to make you feel good but dont feel like you have to cake it on every single day and hide behind it! I think the secret to finding beauty truly starts from being confident in your skin! Once you master the look of 'bare faced girl' you can rock any look in the world!

Until next time.... All my love, Vee Xo